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  Skills in the following domains:

  Oil & Gas

Geophysics: 2D/3D Seismic calibrations & interpretations, Attributes analysis, 3D Modelling, Depth conversions, Maps, Reservoir characterization,

                                    Sedimentological interpretations from 3D broadband seismic data with new generation softwares,...

Geology: Petroleum geology, Basin analysis, Structural geology, 3D modelling, Maps, Lead & Prospects analysis, Reservoir compartimentalization,

Production improvement, Field development, ...


2D/3D broadband seismic interpretation, Structural mapping and 3D modelling, Reservoir characterization, Deviated Boreholes design in 3D seismic cube,...

  Underground storages

Geophysical & geological studies of sites (prospection, development), Interpretation of Borehole measurements, Mapping & 3D modelling, ...

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